Solva News (June Edition) From Solva Harbour Society

Boats have been lifted in and hopefully we can all safely enjoy the Harbour in 2021.

However, Covid remains a real threat and all persons on the Quay must Socially Distance and avoid congregating in groups, wearing masks when necessary.

The Trinity Quay Slipway can only be used by members for launching boats and Visitors must keep the slipway clear for members. All dogs must be on leads and poop bagged and put in a bin.

Paddleboards and kayaks used by Visitors may not be launched or recovered from Trinity Quay, they may be launched from Sand Quay and a fee paid in the honesty box or from the Public Slipway in the Harbour Inn car park, they may not park vehicles on the Sand Quay. This is necessary to prevent congestion and accidents on the slipway.

The Public cannot park on the Trinity or Sand Quays at any time. Only Members displaying their car stickers may park on the Quay.

Limited toilet facilities are available behind Kelvin’s Shed, the Café Toilets are for customers and SHS Members only. Rubbish must be placed in the bins provided.

Covid Safety and access to the Quay will be monitored. CCTV is in place and is reviewed regularly. All members have a duty to keep the Quay safe and to report any problems.

Visitors to Solva are requested to respect the resident local population and the Environment and to remember that the Quay is a Private Quay and not public property.

The Committee wish all members and visitors a safe and enjoyable visit to the Quay.

Remember Covid can kill, Stay Safe and avoid overcrowding. By being sensible we all hope that a Third wave can be prevented and a repeat of last year’s second lockdown can be avoided.    

At present all contacts remain the same.