SHS Ltd Statement- COVID 19- Wednesday 3rd June 2020

SOLVA HARBOUR SOCIETY Ltd Notice to Members (Number 1/2020).

Subject Covid 19.                                                                                                              3 June 2020

Introduction: Following the First Minister’s Announcement on easing of lock down measures on 29th May 2020 the Committee have agreed the following actions which comply with the ‘Stay Local’ and ‘maintain social distancing guidance’ as laid out, in law, by Welsh Government Legislation.

Information from RYA Cymru has also been considered. Leisure boating is permitted wef 1st June 2020 provided that it takes place within the five-mile regulations for staying local and activities can safely be undertaken without risk.

The SHS Committee have therefore approved the following for members who live within five miles, have paid their dues and have a 2020 sticker on their vessels. Members and others who live more than five miles away should not use the Harbour at present.


  • Small craft may be launched from Sand Quay only with effect from 1400 hrs on Wednesday 3 June 2020.
  • Boats which can be launched include those on running moorings and centre harbour moorings. Moorings and running moorings must be checked, and fit for purpose.
  • Members using their boats must be able to maintain social distancing and be from the same household. Boats must be able to be launched and recovered on a trailer or trolley.
  • Small craft should not be launched from Trinity Quay.
  • Bubbles, canoes and kayaks may be launched only from Trinity Quay.


  • It is not possible to comply with safety guidance to enable lift in to take place at the present time due to cross infection risks, the safety of the lift team and access to the crane from Carmarthen.
  • However, owners of the 36 large vessels on the hard standings may access their boats to carry out repairs and maintenance to prepare their vessels for launching at a later date. Stay Local and Social Distancing must be observed, only members of the same household may work on the same boat.
  • The boat lift will not be able to take place at the beginning of June, and the position will be reviewed after the next release of Welsh Government Guidance on 19 June 2020. The Committee will keep matters under review and respond appropriately when regulations change.
  • Members maintaining boats should not park on the Quay, but should drop off necessary equipment and material.


  • Members and local residents may swim when it is safe to do so.


  • PARKING on the Quay will only be permitted for local fishermen due to the shortage of space, the need to maintain emergency access and to prevent accidents and damage.


  • Toilets on the Quay will remain closed to members and the public due to infection control requirements until further notice. It is not possible to ensure the necessary level of hygiene and infection control in public accessible toilets.


  • Members should wear life jackets and take the necessary safety precautions for local area sailing and boating. All boats should be seaworthy and tide and weather considered. All members should exercise due care and report any issues to the Harbour Master.


  • The Stay Local and Social Distancing Rules apply at all times. The Quays are private property belonging to Solva Harbour Society Ltd and therefore access to the Quay for leisure activities and boat launching is limited to members and their families who live within 5 miles and local residents of Solva. The public cannot pay a fee for launching from the Quays as use is restricted to members only with a valid boat sticker. The public footpath remains open for transiting the Quay.
  • Visiting yachts and vessels are not permitted to land at Solva Harbour until further notice. Vessels from outside the area may only access the Harbour in an emergency. The Harbour Master and Coastguard will manage such matters.


  • The Committee will liaise with the operator of the Café to ensure that regulations are observed and the necessary safety arrangements are in place for agreed service provision.


During the Covid 19 pandemic SHS Ltd will follow Welsh Government Guidance and take steps to enable a phased reopening of full activity by SHS Ltd and Members on the Quay when it is safe to do so according to regulations.

The Chairman, Vice Chairman and Acting Secretary meet weekly to review matters and to ensure stewardship of the Quay and liaise with the Committee by email. Updates and revisions will be notified as they occur.

This special guidance has been approved by the Committee on 3 June 2020. All other health and safety rules remain in place.

Covid 19 has not gone away and remains a very serious, and potentially fatal, threat to each of us, our family and our Community. The Government has made it clear that further imposition of lock down measures will take place in the event of case numbers rising. If we all comply with the advice we will, hopefully, get back to the new normal as soon as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.

David Phillips, Chairman Solva Harbour Society Ltd.

Dr Iain Robertson-Steel, Vice Chairman Solva Harbour Society Ltd and Covid 19 lead.


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